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A selection of activists, journalists, educators and leaders to learn from. Please follow and amplify their work, and pay for their services and wisdom. We are not owed their learnings, nor efforts.

Aaron Philip

Fighting for diversity, inclusion and accessibility in fashion

t : @aaronphilipxo

ig : @aaron___philip

Adaku Utah

Teacher, healer and artist. Founder of Harriet's Apothecary

ig : @soularbliss

Adepero Oduye

Film maker

t : @adeperooduye

ig : @crownpeace 

adrienne maree brown

Author, activist, doula and Black feminist. Author of Emergent Strategy and Pleasure Activism

t : @adriennemaree

ig : @adriennemareebrown

Ai-jen Poo

Labour activist and Director of National Domestic Workers Alliance

t : @aijenpoo

ig : @aijenp

Alice Wong

Activist working to increase disability visibility

t : @SFdirewolf

ig : @disability_visibility

Allen Salway

Non-binary Diné, Oglala Lakota, Tohono O'odham writer and community organizer. Provides connection to many resources

t : @lilnativeboy

ig : @dlilnativeboy


Poet, writer and artist. Author of Beyond the Gender Binary

ig : @alokvmenon

Andre Henry

Activist, performance artist and musician. Host of podcast, Hope and Hard Pills

t : @andrehenry

ig : @theandrehenry

Annie Segarra

LatinX artist and activist for LGBTQ and disability rights, founder of #TheFutureIsAccessible

t : @annieelainey

ig : @annieelainey

Brittany Cooper

Professor and author of Eloquent Rage, Beyond Respectability and The Crunk Feminist Collection

t : @ProfessorCrunk

ig : @professor_crunk

Brittany Packnett Cunningham

Activist, educator and writer. Creator of Love + Power, Co-founder of Campaign Zero and co-host of Pod Save the People

t : @MsPackyetti

ig : @mspackyetti

Clint Smith

Writer and teacher. Author of Counting Descent and How the Word Is Passed

t : @ClintSmithIII

Cornel West

Professor, public intellectual, and spoken word artist. Author of books including Race Matters and Democracy Matter

t : @CornelWest

Compton Cowboys

A group of friends committed to uplifting their community through horseback and farming lifestyle, all the while highlighting the rich legacy of African-Americans in equine and western heritage

t : @comptoncowboys

ig : @comptoncowboys



Dori Tunstall

Design anthropologist, advocate, and public intellectual. Dean of Ontario College of Art and Design

t : @Dori_Danthro

ig : @deandori_ocadu

Dream Hampton

Filmmaker and writer. Film projects include Surviving R. Kelly

t : @dreamhampton

DeRay McKesson

Activist, organizer and educator. Co-Host of Pod Save The People

t : @deray

ig : @iamderay


Activist and writer

t : @DevinNorelle

ig : @steroidbeyonce

Erica Ford

Peace activist and founder of LIFE Camp

t : @EricaFordNYC

ig : @ericaford_ilovemylife

Ericka Hart

Activist, writer and sexuality educator

t : @ihartericka

ig : @ihartericka

Holley Murchison

Storyteller, writer and educator. Author of Tell Me About Yourself

t : @HolleyMurchison

ig : @holleymmurchison

Ibram X. Kendi

Author of How to be Anti-Racist, Executive Director of The Antiracist Research & Policy Center, and writer at The Atlantic

t : @DrIbram

ig : @ibramxk

Ijeoma Oluo

Writer, speaker and activist. Author of So You Want to Talk About Race 

t : @IjeomaOluo

ig : @ijeomaoluo

Isra Hirshi

Co-founder of US Climate Strike

t : @israhirsi

ig : @israhirsi

Janaya Khan

Activist and writer. Co-founder of Black Lives Matter Canada

t : @janetmock

ig : @janayathefuture

Janet Mock

Storyteller, writer and director. Projects include Pose and Hollywood

t : @janetmock

ig : @janetmock

Jelani Cobb

Writer and educator. Books include The Substance of Hope

t : @jelani9

Joy Buolamwini

Artist, tech ethicist, science communicator and founder of Algorithmic Justice League

t : @joyfulcode

ig : @janetmock

Leanne Betasamosake Simpson

Michi Saagiig Nishnaabeg scholar, writer and artist. Among her books are Noopiming: The Cure for White Ladies (fall 2020) and As We Have Always Done: Indigenous Freedom Through Radical Resistance

t : @leannetoshiko

ig : @leannetoshiko

Kimberlé Crenshaw

Professor, writer and co-founder of the African American Policy Forum. Host of Intersectionality Matters! podcast

t : @sandylocks

ig : @kimberlecrenshaw

Linda Sarsour

Activist, organizer and author of We are Not Here to be Bystanders

t : @lsarsour

ig : @lsarsour

Mari Copeny

Activist anf founder of Founder #DearFlintKids & #WednesdaysForWater

t : @LittleMissFlint

ig : @littlemissflint

Matt Maxey

Sign language and advocacy

t : @deaf_dope

ig : @deafinitelydope

Mia Mingus

Disability justice activist

t : @miamingus

ig : @mia.mingus

Michelle Alexander

Author of The New Jim Crow and contributor to the New York Times

t : @thenewjimcrow

Mona Chalabi

Data journalist, writer and multimedia artist

t : @MonaChalabi

ig : @monachalabi

Naomi Wadler

Youth activist and writer

t : @NaomiWadler

ig : @naomiwadler


Nicole Hannah-Jones

Pulitzer Prize Winning writer at the New York Times.

t : @nhannahjones

ig : @opalayo



Nikki La'es

Wilderness and indigenous educator, speaker and activist

t : @nikkilaes

ig : @nikkilaes

Opal Tometi

Human Rights Strategist and Writer. Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter.

t : @opalayo

ig : @opalayo

Paola Ramos

Journalist, strategist and LatinX advocate

t : @paoramos

ig : @paoramos


Patrisse Cullors

Artist, organizer and freedom fighter. Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter and the Founder of Dignity and Power Now. Co-Author of When They Call You a Terrorist

t : @OsopePatrisse

Piper Carter

Arts and Culture Organizer and Activist. Co-host of the Piper Carter Podcast

t : @pipercarter

ig : @pipercarter

Rachel Cargle

Public academic, writer and speaker. Author of social syllabus Dear White Women 

t : @rachelcargle

ig : @rachel.cargle

Rachel Ricketts

Racial Justice speaker, healer and author. Offering Spiritual Activism workshop series and  online courses

ig : @iamrachelricketts

Roxane Gay

Writer and author of books such as Hunger and Difficult Women. Author of World of Wakanda for Marvel.

t : @rgay

ig : @roxanegay74

Dr. Shay-Akil McLean

Decolonizing science and exploring the sociology of race/ism

t : @Hood_Biologist

ig : @hood_biologist

Samuel Sinyangwe

Black activist, data scientist, and policy analyst. Co-founder of Campaign Zero, Pod Save the People, Mapping Police Violence, and Police Scorecard

t : @samswey

ig : @samswey

Shishi Rose

Writer Educator and doula 

ig : @shishi.rose

Stacey Ann Chin

Poet, playwright, actress, and performing artist. Author of Crossfire: A Litany For Survival and The Other Side of Paradise. 

t: @staceyannchin

ig : @staceyannchin

Tokatawin Iron Eyes

Indigenous Youth Activist

ig : @tokatawin

Tarana J. Burke

Founder of Me Too Movement

t: @TaranaBurke

ig : @taranajaneen

Ta-Nehisi Coates

Writer and author. Among his books are Between the World and Me and The Water Dancer. Author of The Black Panther. and Captain America at Marvel Comics

t: @tanehisicoates

ig : @tanehisipcoates

Dr. Tiffany Jana

Writer and poet

t: @twiffanyjana

ig : @tiffanyjana

Yassmin Abdel-Magied

Writer, broadcaster, and engineer. Author of Yassmin's Story and You Must be Layla

t: @yassmin_a

ig : @yassmin_a

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