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Resources for raising anti-racist kids

The Conscious Kid

Parenting and education through a critical race lens. Hosting conversations with authors, academics, and activists around equity, education, and literature

t : @consciouskidlib

ig : @theconsciouskid

Embrace Race

Providing tools, resources, discussion spaces and networks to build resilience in children of color and raise kids that think critically about race. Reads their book recommendations and access their resources 

t : @raceembrace

ig : @embracerace

Parenting for Liberation

Rooted in Afrofuturism and supporting Black parents in raising Black children without fear. Listen to their podcast

ig : @parentingforliberation

Parenting is Political

A digital project that explores the relationship between parenting and structural oppression. Listen to their podcast, particularly their episodes on parenting and white supremacy

ig :  @parentingispolitical

Raising Free People

Exploring privilege and power in relationships with children. Listen to their podcast which centers Black and Indigenous people in liberatory living and learning practices

ig : @fareofthefreechild

How to Talk to Kids About Race 

An overview of talking to kids about race and resources to support the process by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich

Seeding Sovereignty

A series of youth-led webinars on extraction, eminent domain, missing and murdered indigenous women, and mental health

t : @seedingsovereignty

ig : @seedingsovereignty

Additional Resources


+  Buy People Colors Crayons

+  Color in Coloring Without Borders

Your Kids Aren't Too Young to Talk About Race

+  Explore Conscious Kids' 0-18 reading list

+  Learn how kids learn prejudice

+  Learn to talk to kids about race with Race Consciousness

+  Learn how Bias is a Preschool Problem

+  Listen to the best Code Switch episodes for kids

+  Listen to Talking Race With Young Children

+  Listen to Parenting Decolonized

+  Follow @muslimsinkinlit

+  Read about decolonizing parenting during COVID

+  Read about Decolonizing Families

+  Read about raising racists

+  Read how white supremacists are recruiting boys

+  Read about white families perpetuating racism

+  Read picture books from Indigenous writers

+  Read the winners of Coretta Scott King Book Awards

+  Read Indigenous kids lit from Strong Nations

+  Read antiracist books for kids and teens

+  Say these 100 Race Conscious things to your kids

+  Teach your kids about Black History Month with PBS 

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