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If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.

- Desmond Tutu

This is a compilation of resources by Black and Indigenous leaders gathered to help us —white folks in particular— unlearn racism and colonialism, and take action for justice.


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A selection of activists, journalists, educators and leaders to learn from. Please follow and amplify their work, and pay for their services and wisdom. We are not owed their learnings, nor efforts. The full directory can be found here.

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adrienne maree brown

Author, activist, doula and Black feminist. Author of Emergent Strategy and Pleasure Activism

t : @adriennemaree

ig : @adriennemareebrown

Allen Salway

Non-binary Diné, Oglala Lakota, Tohono O'odham writer and community organizer. Connection to many resources

t : @lilnativeboy

ig : @dlilnativeboy

Brittany Packnett Cunningham

Activist, educator and writer. Creator of Love + Power, Co-founder of Campaign Zero and co-host of Pod Save the People

t : @MsPackyetti

ig : @mspackyetti

Ibram X. Kendi

Author of How to be Anti-Racist, Executive Director of The Antiracist Research & Policy Center, and writer at The Atlantic

t : @DrIbram

ig : @ibramxk

Michelle Alexander

Author of The New Jim Crow and contributor to the New York Times

t : @thenewjimcrow

Mona Chalabi

Data journalist, writer and multimedia artist

t : @MonaChalabi

ig : @monachalabi


Nicole Hannah-Jones

Pulitzer Prize Winning writer at the New York Times.

t : @nhannahjones

ig : @opalayo



Nikki La'es

Wilderness and indigenous educator, speaker and activist

t : @nikkilaes

ig : @nikkilaes


Patrisse Cullors

Artist, organizer and freedom fighter. Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter and the Founder of Dignity and Power Now. Co-Author of When They Call You a Terrorist

t : @OsopePatrisse

Rachel Ricketts

Racial Justice speaker, healer and author. Offering Spiritual Activism workshop series and  online courses

ig : @iamrachelricketts

Dr. Shay-Akil McLean

Decolonizing science and exploring the sociology of race/ism

t : @Hood_Biologist

ig : @hood_biologist

Stacey Ann Chin

Poet, playwright, actress, and performing artist. Author of Crossfire: A Litany For Survival and The Other Side of Paradise. 

t: @staceyannchin

ig : @staceyannchin

Tokatawin Iron Eyes

Indigenous Youth Activist

ig : @tokatawin


( 02 )


A selection of organizations working to address overt and systemic racism through education, policy and activism. Follow and donate where you can. The full directory can be found here.

Boards and leadership teams without a Black or Indigenous majority are identified as such.

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Nonprofit legal and advocacy organization, including racial justice (Board of Directors: Black Minority)

t : @aclu

ig : @aclu_nationwide

Antiracist Research & Policy Center

Producing knowledge for change's sake in collaboration with scholars, journalists, policy makers and advocates 

t : @AntiracismCtr

Audre Lorde Project

Community organizing center for LGBTSTGNC people of color communities 

t : @audrelorde

ig : @audrelordeproject

Black Futures Lab

Transforming Black communities by building Black political power through training and engagement. Access voting resources and their Black to the Ballot initiative 

t : @blackfutureslab

ig : @blackfutureslab

Black Lives Matter

Alliance for maternal health, rights and justice for Black women. Access their resources and find your local chapter

t : @blkmamasmatter

ig : @blackmamasmatter


Black youth creating justice and freedom for Black people

t : @byp100

ig : @byp100

Data for Black Lives

Using data science to create concrete and measurable change in the lives of Black people

t : @data4blacklives

ig : @data4blacklives

Equal Justice Initiative

Working to end mass incarceration, excessive punishment and racial inequality 

t : @eji_org

ig : @eji_org

Families Belong Together

Coalition working to permanently end the separation and detention of families

t : @fams2gether

ig : @fams2gether

Know Your Rights

A free campaign for youth funded by Colin Kaepernick to raise awareness on self-empowerment and interacting with law enforcement 

t : @yourrightscamp

ig : @yourrightscamp


America's first and largest grassroots–based civil rights organization. Support their Legal Defense Fund

t : @naacp

ig : @naacp


Immigrant and refugee education and legal services (Leadership Team: Predominantly Latinx and White) 

t : @raicestexas

ig : @raicestexas

Seeding Sovereignty

Indigenous folx leading radical decolonizing change through the support of political engagement, land resilience, storytelling, ending violence against indigenous women, connecting frontlines, and youth education 

t : @seedingsovereignty

ig : @seedingsovereignty

Southern Poverty Law Center

Combats hate, intolerance, and discrimination through education and litigation. Access their resources

t : @splcenter

ig : @splcenter


( 03 )


Articles and books centering race, culture and colonialism. The full directory can be found here.


( 04 )


Podcasts that explore race, culture and colonialism. Find the full directory here.

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Hosted by Pulitzer Prize winner, Nikole Hannah-Jones, the New York Times' podcast on the long shadow of slavery in America

Code Switch

Hosted by Shereen Marisol Meraji and Gene Denbyn, NPR's podcast on race, culture and ethnicity

Homeland Insecurity: How Fear Changed America

The unwritten history of the Department of Homeland Security

Hope and Hard Pills

Hosted by Andre Henry, exploring practical insight on racial justice and social change

Pod Save the People

DeRay Mckesson explores news, culture, social justice, and politics with fellow activists Brittany Packnett Cunningham and Sam Sinyangwe, and Dr. Clint Smith

Murdered & Missing Indigenous Women & Girls

A comprehensive collection of podcasts, radio episodes and recordings on the history of murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls in Canada


Seeing White

A podcast on whiteness in America, hosted by John Biewen (white host) and Dr. Chenjerai Kumanyika

Still Processing

Trying to understand the pleasures and pathologies of America through popular culture, hosted by New York Times Culture Critics Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham


( 05)


Resources for raising anti-racist kids. The full directory can be found here.

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The Conscious Kid

Parenting and education through a critical race lens. Hosting conversations with authors, academics, and activists around equity, education, and literature

t : @consciouskidlib

ig : @theconsciouskid

Embrace Race

Providing tools, resources, discussion spaces and networks to build resilience in children of color and raise kids that think critically about race. Reads their book recommendations and access their resources 

t : @raceembrace

ig : @embracerace

Parenting for Liberation

Rooted in Afrofuturism and supporting Black parents in raising Black children without fear. Listen to their podcast

ig : @parentingforliberation

Parenting is Political

A digital project that explores the relationship between parenting and structural oppression. Listen to their podcast, particularly their episodes on parenting and white supremacy

ig :  @parentingispolitical

Raising Free People

Exploring privilege and power in relationships with children. Listen to their podcast which centers Black and Indigenous people in liberatory living and learning practices

ig : @fareofthefreechild

How to Talk to Kids About Race 

An overview of talking to kids about race and resources to support the process by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich

Seeding Sovereignty

A series of youth-led webinars on extraction, eminent domain, missing and murdered indigenous women, and mental health

t : @seedingsovereignty

ig : @seedingsovereignty


( 06 )


Artists confronting and challenging questions of race, culture and colonialism. The full directory can be found here.

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DJ and Producer crew A Tribe Called Red


Filmmaker, Ava Duvernay

Afrofuturist, technologist and artist, Ayodamola Tanimowo Okunseinde


Multimedia artist, Brian Jungen

Multidisciplinary artist, Cannupa Hanska

Multimedia artist, Carl Pope


Photographer and multimedia artist, Carrie Mae Weems


Painter, photographer, performance and multimedia artist, Chella Man


Multimedia artist, Edgar Heap of Birds


Painter and multimedia artist, Jammie Holmes

Multimedia artist, Kara Walker


Painter, Kehinde Wiley


Photographer, Latoya Ruby Frazier


Painter, Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun


Sculptor and performing artist, Nari Ward


Futurist and multidisciplinary artist, SantiagoX


Multidisciplinary artist, Sonny Assu

Photographer and filmmaker, Tyler Mitchell

Comedian and writer, W. Kamau Bell


( 07 )


Things you can do right now to actively fight racism.

Bank with Black financial institutions

Be a good bystander

Buy from Black creatives, all-natural Black artisans, Black women, and Black owned businesses here and here and here


Buy from Black owned bookstores


Buy from Indigenous owned businesses here and here

Contact your congressional representative through NAACP about calling for justice reform, economic justice, and the preservation of voting rights

Do these: 75 Things White People Can do for Racial Justice (Corinne Shutack, white author)


Divest from your bank if it is invested in the Dakota Access Pipeline


Explore resources on Decolonization (Ari Sahagún and Jay Saper)

Follow Black Food Bloggers, Young Black Artists, and Black Photographers


Hire Black designers


Host a workshop on algorithmic bias


Invest in Black women's leadership


Join the NAACP in We Are Done Dying

Learn about the pervasive and immersive culture of white supremacy (Tema Okun)

Learn about decolonizing design from Anoushka Khandwala and Ramon Tejada


Learn about Transformative Justice (Mia Mingus)

Learn how to be an Indigenous Ally (Dakota Swiftwolfe)

Learn which traditional indigenous territory you are currently on 

Learn why it's problematic to appropriate Black language and learn alternative vocab instead 


Memorialize victims of racial violence through the Community Remembrance Project


Participate in these 26 Ways to Be in the Struggle Beyond the Streets. Compiled by Piper Anderson, Kay Ulanday Barrett, Ejeris Dixon, Ro Garrido, Emi KaneBhavana Nancherla, deesha narichaniSabelo NarasimhanAmir RabiyahMeejin Seol Richart


Provide support and (literal) space for healing justice events and practices (adrienne maree brown)

Read the books in Noname's Book Club

Sign up for Andre Henry's newsletter on creating an anti-racist societ

Support Black political candidates

Take a deep dive into the Fantasy World Master List of Resources on How to Dismantle Systemic Racism and Jasmine Mitchell's Antiracism Packet

Take an inventory and examine how you move through the world as a white man (Tatiana Mac)


Take an inventory and examine how you move through the world as a white woman (Tatiana Mac)


TakeTen Steps to Non-Optical Allyship (Mireille Cassandra Harper)

Understand Land Reparations

Justice System

( 08 )

Legal System

The legal system disproportionately harms Black and Indigenous people. Learn about the relationship between racism and the legal system, from police violence to mass incarceration. Support movements and organizations fighting these inequities. The full directory can be found here.

To Start

Campaign Zero

A campaign and agenda to end police violence in America. Learn about the problem and comprehensive solutions

t : @join_campaign_0

Mapping Police Violence

A data project mapping police violence

No Kids in Prison

A campaign to end youth incarceration, focusing on the racial disparity of incarcerated kids (Team: Minority Black and Latinx)


The Bail Project

Preventing incarceration and combatting racial and economic disparities in the bail system (Board: Black Minority, Advisory Board: Black Majority)

t : @bailproject

ig : @bailproject

The Innocence Project

Exonerates the wrongly convicted through DNA testing and reforms the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice

t : @innocence

ig : @innocenceproject

The National Bail Fund Network

A directory of community bail funds 

The Marshall Project

Journalism about the U.S. criminal justice system. Explore their projects: Election 2020We are Witnesses, Next to Die (Board and Editorial Board: Black Minority, Publishes annual diversity report here)

t : @marshallproj

The Sentencing Project

Promoting reform in sentencing reform and advocating for alternatives to incarceration. Learn about the issues and data

t :  @SentencingProj

Articles To Start


A Black Trans Man, Tony McDade, Was Killed by Police in Florida, Devin-Norelle 

A White Damsel Leveraged Racial Power and Failed, Ruby Hamad (white author)

Carceral Capitalism, Jackie Wang

How Segregration Shapes Fatal Police Violence, Gene Demby

Police Brutality is its Own Pandemic, Liam Riley

Police Brutality, Misconduct and Shootings, New York Times Compilation

Transformative Justice Explained, Kim Tran

We are Living in the Age of Black Panic Defense, Jelani Cobb

Actions To Start

Ask congress to support Second Look legislation


Call on Louisville for Justice for Breonna


Contact your representatives to hold them accountable and ask what they are doing about police violence

Contact your congressional representative through NAACP about calling for Justice Reform

Explore The Record, a curation of the best criminal justice reporting


Learn about prison labor as slavery

Learn about alternatives to calling the police

Learn about racial disparity in the justice system

Listen to Code Switch's A Decade of Watching People Die

Track progress of legislation through Campaign Zero

Watch Jim Crow Juvenile Justice

Watch Slavery to Mass Incarceration


( 09 )


COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted Black, Indigenous and Immigrant communities as a result of racism, xenophobia and inequality. Support movements and organizations taking action to protect people of color during the pandemic. The full directory can be found here.

Black Lives Matter

Access resources and sign petitions

COVID Racial Data Tracker

Tracking in real time how COVID is affecting people of color the most.

t : @COVID19Tracking

No Kids in Prison

Providing extensive resources for COVID youth justice advocacy (Team: Minority Black and Latinx)


The National Bail Fund Network

Donate to the COVID Rapid Response Fund

The Marshall Project

Covering the impact of COVID in prisons (Board and Editorial Board: Black Minority, Publishes annual diversity report here)

The Sentencing Project

Tracking COVID-19 cases amongst incarcerated youth

t :  @SentencingProj

United We Dream

COVID resource for the immigrant community. Calling on full COVID testing independent of immigration status (Leadership Team: Predominantly Latinx)

Take Action

Call a governor to demand for COVID testing independent of immigration status

Contact your congressional representative through NAACP about securing voting systems that are COVID secure

Demand racial data on COVID

Explore current COVID and the criminal justice system reporting


Learn how COVID is impacting those incarcerated


Listen to Ask Code Switch: The Corona Virus Edition


Listen to The News Behind the COVID Numbers


Read about decolonizing parenting during COVID

Read about how race changed the urgency of the COVID response

Support the ACLU in protecting for mail-in voting and fighting vulnerable populations in prisons and immigration detention centers

Watch Black Women on the Politics of COVID

Read & Listen


Covid-19 Fueling Anti-Asian Racism and Xenophobia Worldwide, Human Rights Watch

Let Our People Go, Michelle Alexander

For Families Already Stretched to the Limit, the Pandemic Is a Disaster, Nikole Hannah-Jones

We're finally recognizing the workers who have always been "essential", Recode Decode (podcast episode)

When Xenophobia Spreads Like A Virus, Code Switch (podcast episode)

Why Is the Pandemic Killing So Many Black Americans?, The Daily (podcast episode)

Protest & Uprising

( 10 )

Protest + Uprising

Help support the folks protesting violence against Black bodies and the loss of Black lives.

Act as a white barrier between Black protesters and police. Be a virtual protester. Learn how to be safe while protesting from Women for Political Change and Amnesty InternationalLearn your rights as a protester from the ACLU. Bear witness by learning how to take protest photography.

Beyond the Streets

Participate in these 26 ways to support protest. Compiled by Piper Anderson, Kay Ulanday Barrett, Ejeris Dixon, Ro Garrido, Emi KaneBhavana Nancherla, deesha narichaniSabelo NarasimhanAmir RabiyahMeejin Seol Richart

Black Visions Collective

BVC is no longer accepting donations at this time after a very successful raise. They are asking you to now redirect your funds to one of the other organizations listed.


Working towards creating a political home for Black people in Minnesota

t :  @blackvisionsmn

ig :  @blackvisionscollective

#GeorgeFloyd Resource Compilation

Comprehensive compilation of news, actions and education sources on George Floyd, protests, and connected history 

Know Your Rights Camp Legal Defense Initiative

Funding the defense of Freedom Fighters across the US following protests

t : @yourrightscamp

ig : @yourrightscamp

Minneapolis Freedom Fund

MFF has raised 20M this week. They are asking you to now redirect your funds to one of the other organizations listed. The leadership of the organization is also white.


Supporting Black youth led movements and paying for the criminal bails for those protesting the murder of George Floyd 

ig : @mnfreedomfund

National Resource List

Document of community bail funds, memorial funds, political education resources

The National Bail Fund Network

Find your local bail fund to help keep protesters from being incarcerated

Reclaim the Block

RTB is no longer accepting donations at this time after a very successful raise. They are asking you to now redirect your funds to one of the other organizations listed. 


A coalition to demand that Minneapolis divest from policing and invest in sustainable, just alternatives

ig : @reclaimtheblock

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